[EmailVerification field=email reject=risky,unknown,undeliverable message="Please check your email for errors" suggestion=yes submit=no] [PhoneVerification field=sms_number message="Your number is invalid" submit=no background-color=#ffffff dropdown-divider-color=#9E9E9E dropdown-bg-hover=#F9FBE7 line-height=39px margin-top=1px margin-left=1px] [HideElement 6 in #ofb9551cf33af] [HideColumn 2 in #ofb9551cf33af] [IfAnchor #show.mobile] [ShowElement 6 in #ofb9551cf33af] [HideElement 5 in #ofb9551cf33af] [ShowColumn 2 in #ofb9551cf33af] [/IfAnchor] [IfAnchor #hide.mobile] [ShowElement 5 in #ofb9551cf33af] [HideElement 6 in #ofb9551cf33af] [HideColumn 2 in #ofb9551cf33af] [/IfAnchor]

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Email/Phone Validator
Real-Time Validation For Emails & Phone Numbers

These are paid features that come with a number of monthly credits we call validations. Each credit can be used for either real-time email validations or phone number validations.

For example, the Essential plan comes with 1,500 validations. So in any given month you can validate up to 1,500 emails OR 1,500 phone numbers OR any combination of emails & phone numbers across all of your pages.

Once you've hit your limit, each extra validation will be tracked and charged with your next billing cycle so we don't interrupt your lead generation efforts.

Here's the breakdown of how many credits each tier gets:

  • Essential : 1,500 validations
  • Marketer : 15,000 validations
  • Pro : 75,000 validations 

Extra validations cost + 0.009/each

[ EmailVerification field=email reject=risky,unknown,undeliverable message="Please check your email" suggestion=yes submit=no ]

The "reject" parameter tells our system which emails should return an email if the user enters them into the email field.

Your options are:

⚠️ risky = A risky result means the email addresses appears to exist, but have quality issues that may result in low engagement or a bounce. Use caution when sending to risky addresses. "Accept-All", "Disposable", and "Role (ie. support, info, etc.) addresses are classified as risky.

⁉️ unknown = Unknown occurs when ClickFix is unable to get a valid response from the recipient's email server. This usually happens when the destination email server is too slow or temporarily unavailable.

🚨 undeliverable = Undeliverable email addresses do not exist, or are syntactically incorrect (misspelled or formatted incorrectly).

The "message" parameter is what you want the message that displays when somebody enters a "rejected" email to say.

"Suggestion" can be set to yes/no and will provide a suggestion based on AI for things such as common misspellings like .CON instead of .COM.

Finally, "submit" gives you the option to allow the email the person enters to be submitted EVEN IF it has been flagged (submit=yes) OR to block form submissions until they enter an email we've identified as being deliverable AND not whatever "reject" value(s) you've specified (ie. risky, unknown, undeliverable).

[ PhoneVerification field=sms_number message="Your number is invalid" submit=no background-color=#ffffff dropdown-divider-color=#9E9E9E dropdown-bg-hover=#F9FBE7 line-height=39px margin-top=1px margin-left=1px ]

Not only did we add in a real-time phone verification system, we also added the country code pre-fix to the beginning of the field so there's never a doubt as to how the phone numbers are being formatted.

With this shortcode you have a few options.

First, use "field" to tell ClickFix which phone number field you want to target since not everyone is after mobile numbers.

Then, specify the "message" you want to appear if the phone number entered is invalid.

Next, decide if you want to accept or reject invalid numbers with the "submit" parameter.

From there, we've given you several styling options to help the validator blend in seamlessly with your field styling.

Full documentation on the styling options is available at https://doc.clickfix.io/


NOTE: All shortcodes you see on this page have a space after the opening bracket "[" so you can see them. In order for them to work on your page you'll need to remove the space between the opening bracket "[" and the first letter of the shortcode command.


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