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How To Redirect A Visitor On Ontraport Pages
Multiple OnClick Redirects

This shortcode will Redirect a Visitor to a link or to a block on the same page. We use the ClickFix Google Chrome extension to highlight block ID's.

In this video we show you how this shortcode can be useful to redirect users to a different block or a different page with a button click while also opening a page in a new tab/window in the background.

Why would you want to do that?

Well, you may have a situation where you want to make a separate offer or maybe you want to get them to send you an email while also directing them to a different page on your website.

The options are limitless when you stack the "IfAnchor" & "Redirect" codes the right way.

Et Voila! Centered on a new block & a new window open. Now that's...

NOTE: All shortcodes you see on this page have a space after the opening bracket "[" so you can see them. In order for them to work on your page you'll need to remove the space between the opening bracket "[" and the first letter of the shortcode command.


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